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Photoblog worthy

Added a few pictures from our Norway trip to my photoblog – Bring on the Photos (inventive name, right?) Check em out here: Bring on the Photos

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Who’s the man?

I am of course! Well, would love to write that I’m a bloody sensation, but that would be a big lie. So instead I have to write about the sensation that I feel, now that I got a new lens for my Canon EOS 400 camera. I purchased a used Canon 28-135mm IS lens as […]

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As threatened I made a photoblog. Pictures only, with room to comment. Hopefully my new gadget (EOS 400D), will help me take some more artsy pictures. That is exactly what I will use the photoblog for. Not “everyday”, “watch my life”, “look I can push the button”, “I’ve been here”, “..and that was a good […]

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Point of interest

Today we went to my parents for some barbecue. On our way home we waited for the train. I, being a gadget geek, did my thing and shot some pictures. C, being a rabbit freak, spent the waiting by collecting some dandelion leaves for her rabbits. Are women from Venus and men from Mars. Are […]

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New camera pics

Haven’t had enough time or proper opportunities to play around with my new EOS 400D. No doubt that it’s way better than my “old” pocket digital cam (Sony W80), but on the other hand, you need the right subjects and scenes to make full use of it. Saturday C and I went downtown to watch […]

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Just ordered this bad boy

A Canon EOS 400D. Right now these are a bargain at around 3700,- kr with a 450,- kr canon cash-back guarantee. This means a cool SLR at about 3300,-kr. Can’t beat that. The downside is the kit lens being somewhat mediocre, but guess my “talents” won’t ever challenge that anyway. Hopefully I will get it […]

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