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Thats all folks!

Just lost one of our 2 rabbits yesterday. Not sure what was wrong but it was surely heading for a slow death, so we decided to speed things up. I sent C upstairs while I finished it off after advice by my brother. He’s a hunter and knew how to do it fast and humane. […]

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You dirty – dirty branch!

A few days ago we took a brief walk and stumbled upon a large willow tree that had broken. The storm recently must have given it the last push. Inside it was completely rotten, so it had to happen sooner or later. The branches, on the other hand, were fresh and bendy. Just what C’s […]

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The delight of having rabbits

I think the picture below speaks for itself, but maybe I should mention that this pool of joy is done by 2 rabbits in about 1 week. They have a wooden board that allow the nasty little creatures to do their dirty deed without soiling themselves, but it is removed when C clean the cage. […]

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When the cat is out…

…the rabbits make a day of it. C’s rabbits not only ate all tomato plants in the pot, but decided that this was an excellent spot to relax afterwards. This is what C gets for putting the plants out to lick sun, but forget to close the rabbit cage.

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Famous last words

As I grabbed my shoes ready to go for a walk in the nearby park I said to C: “Did you remember to lock the rabbit cage”? C replied: “Of course!?” with a hint of do-you-think-I’m-that-stupid-again in her voice. The incident 2 days ago was fresh in memory still. C had put all her potted […]

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