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Random picture 2012 #3

My first attempt to make night shots of the highway. Turns out that people don’t drive that much in Aalborg at 2am o’clock (30 mins before there were cars from both sides to get this shot). Also I learned that Aalborg is a tiny city, with few or no good spots for these kind of […]

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Random picture 2012 #2

Panorama from Aalborg harbour Considered posted a fullsize, but decided that 25mb jpgs might be a bit over the top.

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Dirty job

Find the flaw: An ad from a Danish newspaper: The same girl in a video on Fitnessworld’s homepage (screenshot): The full picture/video from Fitnessworld’s homepage: See – I don’t mind when you use Photoshop. I do it myself. But I resent when you do it this bad and with hidden agendas. I better explain: Check […]

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Forgot about that picture

Today I discussed with 2 colleagues how you could post pictures in Google Earth. I told them how another colleague had found some pictures named “Joecool200” and wondered if that were me? Sure was. It made one of my colleagues try to make a picture search on Google for “Joe Cool”. This is the result: […]

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