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Preparing for tomorrows exam

Here’s C preparing for tomorrows oral exam. Its one of 2 final exams she has pass to graduate as social caretaker. It’s been 2 years since she started and she has studied harder than any Dane I know would have. Still she’s very nervous, which may affect her performance. She know this, and it makes […]

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You want to borrow what?

Last November we moved to a small rented house. It is a nice change that basically adds a small garden and a new adress but not more room unfortunately. Of course we also got new neighbors. To one side is a young single mom with two kids, while the other is a friendly middle-aged Vietnamese […]

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Chinese days

Overheard today: Half asleep I notice C come into the bedroom. She takes a quick glance at my leg and mumbles: “What a big leg – looks very tasty!” (I know she weren’t talking to me). Watch C check out a strange plate of hash-looking stuff her girlfriend gave her while muttering: “This is partially […]

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Not as naughty as one had hoped

Think I have to re-evaluate our marriage. This evening as I helped my wife out with some Danish translations she accidentally called me 教师 (teacher).

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Things that make you go huh

Found on my desk a few days ago….. The remote to our old 10″ television in our nerd computer room. Magically enough it I was able to repair it. Now I just have to find out who did it… hmmmmmm…..

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C started an internship in a clothes shop last Monday. We waited for this chance for some time. It is really an internship to learn Danish better, but also a good way to gain access to the Danish work market. She was very nervous and even though she wanted this in her heart, she was […]

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