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Well-wishings for the holidays

Merry X-mas everyone!

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Kiss the cook

So now that the Christmas vacation has hit you, what are you doing with your time Peter? Well, gee, nothing special. Just relaxing and cooking up a variant of some kransekage (a special cake rich on marzipan). Jup, sounds boring, but actually pretty relaxing and just what the doctor ordered for a worn worker like […]

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Theme changed back again

So that was about enough of that Christmas theme.

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Christmas theme

Despite my lacking Christmas spirit, I’d better change the theme to a more fitting. Lets see how many days I can stand it. :-) Here we go: Vermilion Christmas 1.0 by Christmas WordPress Themes Vermilion Christmas is a holiday theme with a vivid red and green color scheme. The header graphic depicts a wintertime forest of […]

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Wish list for Christmas

1) Food processor 2) Hand vacuum cleaner 3) New office chair 4) New printer 5) No more talk about Christmas until 24th of December Yes – I’m the Grinch incarnated!

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