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C finally got her drivers license. She might not be the best at straight parking yet, but got to give her credit for at least backing up to the house.

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Natures wonder

It may not be South Pole cold here, but we did have a long period of freezing days. Shot one morning when I was preparing the car before we went to work/daycare.

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Thou shalt not pay

I wanted to write this entry for a long time, but just never got around to it with the baby and all. I think it’s important to tell, though. One of our neighbours is a single mom living alone with her 2 children. She has a tiny old car bought from her granny. Nothing fancy, […]

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Doctor feel good

15th July 2007 Yilan Felt better than yesterday, which may have something to do with my hangover the day before. We went to C’s parents to eat some breakfast and afterwards were on our way to a nun monastery. A cool spot right here in Yilan. As usually the houses and the area surrounding them […]

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As heard Tuesday evening

The following conversations have been translated using my super powers to babelfish stuff like: Chinese, Danish, English, Chinglish, female thinking, weird eyebrow movements, physical pain induced by punching, telepathy and of course: decipher Chinese astrology. My wife and I borrowed a car (tnx Kojak) and wanted to take one of my wife’s friend’s daughter (let’s […]

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