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My newest column is now published

The original layout with the whole page: A closeup: The column adjusted a bit for easier reading I hope (warning, it’s in German!): Sorry about quality, but had to screengrab it from the magazine’s flash viewer.

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My newest column

As I promised yesterday, here’s what I wrote: Here in Aalborg things should be great, but something is amiss. Considering everything I should be upbeat. I’ve had the first days off from work since July (very important to maintain my mental health). X-mas and New Years Eve were great. I have a loving wife and […]

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New column entry

Just before Christmas I was asked if I could do yet another column for RENDSBURGerLEBEN and said “Well – sure”. This summer, as I was in China, I was asked as well. I told the editor that even though I wanted to do the column, it would be difficult to write much about what happened […]

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What I wrote

So. I better reveal the result of my contribution to the German magazine. All talk doesn’t do it. After being asked to write something, I initially sat down and wrote a bloody book. Too long, but I kinda liked it. I also had to admit that it was too much for a column. So after […]

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Hold the press!

Seems the German magazine ate my contribution, and will be publishing it the May version. Funny to read ones writing translated to German. Especially now that it wasn’t even written in my natural language in the first place. Now I just sit and cross fingers for a good print in the magazine. Not sure if […]

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Germany calling….too

Saturday I’ll catch a ride with my buddy Kojak, and we’ll go across the border to Germany and do some much needed refueling of my wine-rack. It will be a long 3 hour drive to get there, then a few hours of shopping wine, beer and other goods, and then back home again. 8+ hours […]

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