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Garage – man vs woman – Part 2

As mentioned in the post before, we moved to a new house recently. Our old one was a tiny row-house with little room and possibly even smaller garden. We really needed more space with one kid and another one on its way. We moved in about 14 days ago and we’re both pretty happy with […]

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Garage – man vs woman – Part 1

Moved to a house recently. With garage, lawn and all. This evening C asked me where I put our 2nd vacuumcleaner she left in the garage. “I stored it under the work table in the garage – I thought it was a spare now?”, I replied. “No – Its for vacuuming the garage”, she replied. […]

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Finally allowed to leave the hospital today. Home at about 2pm. We’re both wasted. C both mentally and physically. I have the benefit of getting more continuous sleep that last 5 days, which gives me an edge. Tbh though, I have slept like shit the last month or so and it shows. After C went […]

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Take a wild guess

Which one is our apartment? This is what often greets me on my way home If you have ever been in China you would know.

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Just when everything gets boring, this is what you get? Image borrowed from EB Just as I was about to leave work, I was informed that an apartment had exploded on the same street where we live. Fortunately the news hungry journalists were already there, and had put a picture of the apartment on the […]

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A few pictures from our home

After getting hold on a tripod I finally had the chance to snap some photos of our livingroom in the evening. The daytime is way overexposed with light and can easily look to contrasty. Hey! – all posts count, right?

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