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Might remarry soon

Recently I told my wife that she should consider herself lucky, that I met her before I found out this coffee machine existed. Else I’d have married it instead. She still thinks I’m joking.


Man it is good.

It grind beans and cleans itself before and after its started/stopped, so the coffee is always fresh and yummy. Never cared much for the quality of my work’s coffee, but drink it since it’s better than nothing.

I have to say, that having one of these babies at home isn’t helping work coffee’s case at all.


I feel all empty inside… The pope is resigning in 7 minutes.

Winter was here

We have an unusually warm January (2-7 degrees Celsius) here in Denmark at the moment. Its in contrast to December  where there was snowstorm covering everything in white.

From when snow was around:

20121212_162635   20121223_120217



Changing our tumbler, I found this alternative wiring solution hidden behind our old washer.


It was almost melted and covered with ants. They might have set a tiny short circuit in motion threatening to start a fire in the future. Impressively enough the power still worked out, but who knows for how long. I’ve had my problems with ants in the room, but thought I had it under control. Seems I got a little help from the bad wiring.

That’s what you get for buying an older house. I find odd stuff all the time, even though I find the house in pretty good condition generally. At least I found this possible firetrap before it went off.

In the same room I had a shortcut happen due to water sprinkling  from the sink above a socket. That’s taken care off too, so think we’re good now.


I like most cheese I haven’t always, but 7-8 years ago, I went from accepting mozzarella on pizza, burgers, lasagna and toast, to eating a range of varities fresh and cold on bread. At first I mostly ate the mild ones, but that has gradually changed as I grew accustomed to the taste.

There was once in my cheese rookie days, when I couldn’t decline without feeling rude.

My brother and I visited my uncle and his new girlfriend. We never met her and did our best to be polite. So after being offered some cheese, we said yes.

What I remember from that day, was that it was stinky and extremely strong tasting. Both my brother and I downed it with bread, but we had a hard time keeping a straight face. It was that strong.

My brother told me later how he could smell it on his fingers 2 days afterwards. Even after intense hand washing. I couldn’t but I wasn’t the one who had to touch it to cut a few slices. Continue Reading »

Hope they are tasty.


Update: they are :-)

Sometimes its looks good and tastes well…

Sometimes it looks less so, but tastes great anyway…

Sometimes I manage to cook a Chinese dish even better than C…..

And sometimes C buy weird stuff and make me barbecue it….
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I just remembered something that happened last year just before we went to China.

One day as C went shopping; she forgot the credit card in the slot when she turned to pack the groceries. She found out when she came home and went into panic. So I called the shop and asked them if they had kept the card (they normally do). The assistant manager offered to help me and would call back.

Here’s what he found out:

They didn’t have the card, but from looking at video footage, he learned that when C forgot her card in the slot, the cashier took it and slid it C’s way on the table. C didn’t see this, and thus forgot the card.

As C left, the cashier saw his mistake and yelled for C. But she heard nothing and walked out the door. A costumer from the queue offered to run after C and give her the card. Unfortunately the costumer mistook C with another leaving costumer who incidentally was blind (how weird is that?). The blind woman took the card and put it in her purse in good faith.

The assistant manager knew that the blind woman lived in the neighbourhood, but not exactly where. He did know, however, that she came shopping 2-3 times every week, so he would contact her when he saw her again. Continue Reading »


I really like cooking and baking. It lets me relax and forget everything else (which is needed when you have kids, trust me). I rarely have time to indulge in cooking up new dishes, so I often end up making the usual stuff with a twist.

Normally the bread-baking business is C’s area and she does that well, so I haven’t entered that door for a while.

Recently though, I found a new recipe for bread that turned out great. It’s a basic recipe for Italian style bread. Its pretty simple with few ingredients. It can be varied with different flour types and whatever you like in your bread. The only tricky part about it is timing, as the dough needs to be rested for 12-18 hours, turned in flour, then 2 hours more of rest. It’s not always fitting into my schedule with kids, work and all.

Still I somehow managed to make 5 or 6 of them the last 4 days.

Here’s a few pictures (shot with mobile phone, yeah I know, sorry):
My first attempt. Plain bread, with no funny business. Just following the basic recipe.
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Remember it’s a special day. Pirate your WP site immediately!

Considering a vasectomy?

This read is the closest I’ve seen to describe what a vasectomy really feels like. Forget the “snip snip” stories about quick painless cuts.

The truth? It’s like a massive slowmotion kick in the groin…. Sorry, but I won’t blow sunshine up your behind.

The story from Craig’s List is almost identical to my own experience, except the passing out part. I didn’t walk like a cowboy afterwards either.

I was lucky to get an early appointment. So 2 weeks after my decision, I had the surgery. That meant going to a hospital 2 hours drive away.

The whole thing felt quite sureal. It was a tiny hospital. I was in a room on the 2nd floor with a view towards a green area. There was no curtains pulled and my… *uhmm*… “points of interest” faced the windows. The nurse and surgeon was both women and the spoke with dialect. It was close to an alien abduction with free probing included.

I drove the car home alone too against the advice of the pamphlet I got a few weeks earlier. Had no one to drive me, so took it as advice more than an order. The trip went without problems, but I still vividly remember how the female surgeon looked me dead in the eye after the surgery and said: Continue Reading »

Not cute enough…

Awww… look at Mark, he’s snorring… So cute!

C, later the same night:
*Elbows Peter in the ribs* Shut up, you’re snorring!

Random picture 2012 #3

My first attempt to make night shots of the highway.

Turns out that people don’t drive that much in Aalborg at 2am o’clock (30 mins before there were cars from both sides to get this shot). Also I learned that Aalborg is a tiny city, with few or no good spots for these kind of shots.

Random picture 2012 #2

Panorama from Aalborg harbour

Considered posted a fullsize, but decided that 25mb jpgs might be a bit over the top.

Went to the doctor with Mark the other day. He weren’t feeling well and complained about his stomach.

When we entered the doctors office, Mark sat down. Looked at me, then the doctor. And without a sound he upped, took my car keys out of my pocket and headed out the door.

Theres no fooling him anymore.

Haven’t heard him complain about his stomach since.

New old camera

Recently I decided that my older camera, a Canon EOS 400D, wasn’t good enough to keep up with my needs. So an upgrade seemed inevitable.

My photoblog suffered from the lacking pictures too, so something had to be done.

I started checking price range for a jump to a newer DSLR in the same line (XX0D with 650D being the newest), which turns out to be a bit pricey compared to what you get. Also, what I really wanted was a jump to the semi-pro line xxD (10-20-30-40-50-60D) instead. The 60D is brand new and way out of my budget, so I started checking used 50Ds out. Turned out these was affordable (600-800USD) and qualitywise 99% as good as the 60D. Also the 60D is so new, its pure luck to get your hands on a used one anyway. A new 60D body cost around 1200-1400USD here in Denmark Continue Reading »

At the market an early morning.

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