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I take it as a moderate personal succes, that my wife now finally starts asking for the electronic weight when packing her sisters suitcases for the airport.


So… My wife Just came back from China with a bag of dried out frogs. “Unfortunately” I’m not allowed to taste since it is a gift to C from her sister.

According to C eating a part of the intestines helps to keep you young. Somehow I missed the young looking 80 year olds last time I visited her hometown. I’ll make sure to spot them next time around.



Very interesting:


Self-guided sniper bullet

It had to happen, but not sure it’s entirely a good thing:

Read more here

By accident, I fell over a blog post on Phoenix New Times that felt oddly familiar.

Is it just me, or does my rant against sandals for men, somehow have a slight resemblance to this one? It uses that same picture that I refer to in my rant, which initially set me off. Note that my original entry is from 2006, while the other one is from 2007.

Imho it always was one of the funnier and better written rants I did, so if the idea really is inspired/borrowed from me, I guess I should be honored.

Oh wait….

… maybe theres something to see anyway.

Well I finally earned my hunting permit today after a nerve wrecking written exam and an equally scary practical test. Now I “just” need to pass the shotgun test and bowhunting exam to call myself a bowhunter. For all I know those will be easier to pass, so hopefully the worst part is over.

Of course no fat lady has sung yet (a happy fat man sang in the car home from hunting permit test though).

You heard me!

Sunday lunch

Cook a bit more and then add…… cream!


Dinners up!


Double yey!

WP released an update, that fixed the problem, so I’m back to my old layout again. Yey!

And so….

….WordPress update 3.7 messed up my Mistylook theme.

The newest version of MistyLook doesn’t seem to solve the problem, which is why I currently have an odd layout.  And even if I could upgrade, it’s not simple doing so at all, as I’ve altered both font color, header size and so on.


An interesting read can be found here.

For now, I decided to hide my kids pictures on my blog as well. Might reconsider.

…. your in-laws bring this home from a trip downtown:

Durian wafers

I helped carry my wife’s rucksack into the house and got a distinctive rotten smell in my nose. My mother-in-law bought this pack of Durian wafers and had opened it slightly. Neither my wife, nor my father-in-law likes them or the smell. I decided that I didn’t need to taste to know I don’t like them.

After 5 minutes I had to drive and do grocery shopping. Even though the wafers was gone when I returned, the kitchen still reeked.

Disclaimer: I’m not paid to do this review. I only wrote it because I had a hard time finding a proper review on the net myself. So hope this will be helpful to other potential buyers.



9″ Static Stabilizer

I’ve been wanting to upgrade my old low budget stabilizer for some time. Browsing around the net for last week I decided that since I own a Hoyt CRX 32 bow, a stabilizer with side balancing capabilities was not needed. The Hoyt CRX 32 has an offset position for the stabilizer, thus making the feature to counterweight the bow quiver with offset stack weights pretty much irrelevant to me. I also wanted a stabilizer that was straight and looked good. And with that said, I know taste is different. Continue Reading »

Bow pictures

As I wrote earlier here’s some pictures of my compound bow – a Hoyt CRX32:

20130630_210817 20130630_210855 20130630_210907 20130630_210924 20130630_210934 Continue Reading »

Something for me

So…. I took up bow-shooting again.

Seems to go well, besides the few bad habits I need to get rid off. Pretty much haven’t shot a bow for 20+ years, so can’t complain.

Shot from about 16-18 meters. And before you ask - yes the deer was naughty and deserved it.

Shot from about 16-18 meters. And before you ask – yes – the deer was very naughty and deserved it.

I’ve had my old compound-bow lying around since what I guess must have been around 1990. Still in decent condition, but with no working arrows. I thought about starting again for a long time, but time was never right. March this year, I decided that doing nothing but work and watching kids was killing me slowly off. It was time.

So I got the bow checked up and got new arrows. The bow (a PSE FireFlite Express) was top of the line back it its day, and for some reason I thought it was still decent. Apparently 20 years go by faster than I want to admit, or else I am just stupid or in denial. The jury is still out on this one. Continue Reading »

As happy I am with my Samsung G3, and should-work eye-recognizion feature, I can’t grasp why it won’t turn off the screen when laid on the bathroom table. Below is what it sees. Why does this….


…resemble my eyes looking at it better than my actual face?

In-laws are here

There are plenty of stuff to write about, but only fractions will be fitting to write about here. :-)


Broken plastic on Mazda 2 key


  • Price to repair at Mazda = 608 dkr (no way in hell)
  • Order spare part from UK and try to fix yourself = 73 dkr incl. postage (interesting – ordered)
  • Repaired key using spare part (done)
  • Saved 500+ dkr (yey!)

Not my last DIY for sure.

I worry that hearing a really stupid and pointless facts accidentally will replace something important and valuable from my memory.

Like hearing that Justin Biebers fans are called beliebers. Wonder what that inane fact replaced?…. Guess I’ll never know. Sorry for putting it into your brain too.

Someone ought to be in charge of keeping these things of the public media. But the again, who want’s a worldwide great firewall anyway. Still, sometimes its funny to toy with the thought.

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