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Laptop pictures

A few shots of my new baby: Mmm. Laaaaaptop.drool.

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Tour de buns

Did a crazy stunt last Saturday. Some would call it impossible. That’s right: I took a bike ride that was longer than normal. My father asked me to come help him with some garden work. I got this stupid idea the same morning to take my bicycle there. It’s something I do once every year, […]

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A few pictures from our home

After getting hold on a tripod I finally had the chance to snap some photos of our livingroom in the evening. The daytime is way overexposed with light and can easily look to contrasty. Hey! – all posts count, right?

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Nighttime pic’ies

Got around to shooting some pictures at night time. Unfortunately the picked scene is not the best but it was a sudden idea. I grabbed these as we walked C’s friend to the bus. Still funny to toy around with my camera at nighttime now that I own a tripod. I especially like the 4th […]

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I caught an alien abduction on camera!

… or maybe I just shot a picture from the near by park when someone walked in an overlighted clearing? I like the first story better… Nothing really goes on here a the moment. *Sigh*

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As requested…..

Here it is! The update you’ve all been craving for. So how does my blended finger look now? In order: Pic 1: Right after the “accident” (14. Feb.) Pic 2: 3 weeks later (5. Mar) Pic 3: Today (22. Mar) As you can see it’s coming along. Still not fully functional, but I think it […]

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Had a chance to finally played a bit with the night-setting on my Sony DSC-W40. Funny results – well at least I think so. Taught me that I need a tripod to secure absolutely no shaking the camera. Hmm… Where do I find one of those at a reasonable price?

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