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Its not advice – Its just annoying

Sure I’m a sceptic. Who wouldn’t be in a world of better-knowing fools who stare themselves blind on their hobby/job/interests. Not only do they focus on their field of interest, but they also tell you that you should do the same. For “your own sake” of course. All I’m saying is that if we try […]

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Idiots – what more is there to say?

As expected Jehovah’s Witnesses turned up again about 1 week ago. What the hell do I have to do to get these idiots to stop bothering me? It didn’t help my temper when some JW fanboy commented on my old blog and tried to tell me that they (JW) respect the people who said “no […]

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Yeah – yeah…

…. I know the pic is an oldie, but I just love it. I found it after cleaning some folders and I just had to share. Especially since I hate Jehova’s Witnesses as much as they hate logic. I look forward to my next run-in with them, even though I still haven’t found a plan to keep […]

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