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A banks tale – Part II

Here I should have been writing a whole lot about how we tried to get our money back from the Chinese bank. As you may know, they decided to “withdraw” the fee we already paid here in Denmark from the transferred cash, instead of getting them from the Danish bank as the OUR agreement states […]

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A banks tale – Part I

Recently we sent some money to Cs father and mother. We’ve done so a few times already, because they need the necessary doe to prepare passport and visa for their hopefully upcoming trip to visit us here in Denmark. For us the fees are peanuts, but for them, it’s a whole lot of money. We […]

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Yes, I work here. well – sort of

A few days from now, C’s father has birthday. We want to send him some money, as it is way easier than buying a gift, sending it and wait for it to arrive. I should have known better. To send money there are 2 obvious options: Either by regular mail (will take about 7-11 days) […]

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