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We’re still crossing our fingers

After 9 months of interrupted sleep during the nights it seems Mark finally started sleeping through the night. Our fingers are crossed big time though. Its only day 4 of that happening and you never know if he has a relapse. Prospects look good so far though. So what did the trick? It’s a mix […]

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Finally allowed to leave the hospital today. Home at about 2pm. We’re both wasted. C both mentally and physically. I have the benefit of getting more continuous sleep that last 5 days, which gives me an edge. Tbh though, I have slept like shit the last month or so and it shows. After C went […]

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Busy busy busy

As you might have guessed, I’m extremely busy visiting C and our new son at the hospital all day long. C has to stay there with the kid, since he is under observation. Nothing serious, just newborn stuff. If everything works out well, they’ll be home tomorrow, Monday. You never know, since I’ve heard that […]

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Who’s your daddy?

Chances are now 1 to a handful of billions that I am. Yesterday, Thursday the 11. february 2010 at 18:16, C gave birth to a healthy boy. She went 14 days past expectancy, and thus the kid is nearing a whopper. 4.2kg, which is about 400g over average. Hard toiling for C who was extremely […]

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