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Let the good times roll….

So C has vacation atm. Her exam is over, and she is waiting to start her new vacation job. So how does she spend her time? Well, she’s not a lazy woman, so she keeps the place clean and does not insist that I help as usually. I like it. It won’t kill all the […]

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Recommended watching

If you’re into Sci-Fi supernatural stuff, then I recommend the series “Heroes“. I’m not much into series unless it spells comedy in episodes that end each time, but this one is pretty cool. In short it s about a bunch of people who slowly find out (or already know), that they have special powers and how […]

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Dick Turpin – The Ultimate Poll

Dick Turpin – The series. Who can forget his adventures and his fairy haired sidekick Swiftnick…. I know… You forgot about those two, right? And now you either hate me or want to kiss me for reminding you? Anyway, heres your chance to vote (and my chance to try out my new WordPress Poll Plugin): […]

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