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Shit happens

My wife is already brilliant with plants, but my dad gave her yet another secret weapon: Concentrated cow shit in pill form. You put a pill or two in the soil and wait for the result. The first time C used them, she proved how she never listens to what I say, and decided that […]

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Our tomato plants’ height one week ago (now one of them is bending of the ceiling) Tomatoes start growing Hope at least one is ready to eat before we go on holiday Oh, and if you ever marry a Chinese woman make sure never to tell her about the existence of tomato plants….. and rabbits now […]

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We’re THIS desperate…

…. to get rid of tomato plants. Today I gave 4 more away to colleagues and I also pimped my own department to foster two them. The first one a week ago and today I gave it a buddy. Well, a wife really. When I brought the first one, I asked C what it’s name […]

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