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In a few days, I’ll be going back to my nerdish roots, and join with some old buddies in what is said to be Denmark’s biggest LAN gaming event. Well, actually, this time it’s only for 450 people, but normally its 800 and up. 3 years ago I did this 2 times every year and […]

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Upgrade time… finally

I have wanted to upgrade my computer for a long time. The urge has been even bigger after the new Core 2 Duo CPUs arrived. Until yesterday I had a 3½ year old motherboard and processor. A 2.8 GHz Pentium 4 clocked at 3.36 Ghz. Even though it worked well with most applications, it lagged […]

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Nerd games

Found this nerdy stuff at Tim’s. And yes, I suck: At least I didn’t get Jar Jar Binks. I HATE Jar Jar Binks… grrrrr……

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