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Now we’re at it.

Things you don’t want to know part II I accidentally asked C what the nature medicine was made of that she brought home from Dr. Feel Good back in China. She brought home 2 bags of powdery foul brown stuff that she keeps in the freezer when not used. Can’t make out what it is […]

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Chinese vs. Danish doctors

Seems that I don’t have the flu, but just a horrible cold. Snotty nose, sore throat, cough and pretty dizzy. The doc tested me (way more intensively than the one in China), and found nothing but a cold. Ok with me, but still feel like shit. At least the fever is now gone. After my […]

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Doctor feel good

15th July 2007 Yilan Felt better than yesterday, which may have something to do with my hangover the day before. We went to C’s parents to eat some breakfast and afterwards were on our way to a nun monastery. A cool spot right here in Yilan. As usually the houses and the area surrounding them […]

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