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New old camera

Recently I decided that my older camera, a Canon EOS 400D, wasn’t good enough to keep up with my needs. So an upgrade seemed inevitable. My photoblog suffered from the lacking pictures too, so something had to be done. I started checking price range for a jump to a newer DSLR in the same line […]

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Lowepro Fastpack 250 review

Disclaimer: I am not paid to make this review. It’s done because I really like this bag, and feels it deserves a review (I couldn’t find others on the net when I tried before I made my purchase. I guess that goes for others too, so why not help them out?). This Tuesday I got […]

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Just ordered this bad boy

A Canon EOS 400D. Right now these are a bargain at around 3700,- kr with a 450,- kr canon cash-back guarantee. This means a cool SLR at about 3300,-kr. Can’t beat that. The downside is the kit lens being somewhat mediocre, but guess my “talents” won’t ever challenge that anyway. Hopefully I will get it […]

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