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Dad and kid.

A dog waiting for his owner to finish the days sales at the market.

Street along the river in Yilan.

Girl working hard to make a buck at the market.

Local market in Yilan.

From the local market in Yilan. You have to hurry to get a good deal.

Shot while “racing” past in a motorized bicycle taxi. It was a very hot day as you might notice from the girl’s hand position.

Cow stomach in chilli sauce with cucumbers.

It tastes well at first, but after chewing away for a while, you notice that mostly its due to the sauce. I’ve eaten this many times now, but I’ve begun avoiding it after a very rubbery mouthful that balled up in my mouth and just wouldn’t go down. The taste changes too when you’ve munched away on it for too long, and its not for the better. Most Chinese seem to love it though.


This might interest you, if you’re married to a Chinese.

Never heard that term before, but it I’m not entirely unfamiliar with the mild form of Sajiao. Thank god I’m the lazy stubborn and sarcastic type.

Fish with tofu.

Chicken dish. Very yummy, but lots of bones.

Very sugary dish – Can’t remember what it was exactly, but a bit too sweet for my taste.


C finally got her drivers license.

She might not be the best at straight parking yet, but got to give her credit for at least backing up to the house.

Yesterday I brought an iRobot vacuum cleaner home. I told C about it some days in advance, and she didn’t object. We have enough to do without vacuuming all the time, and with 2 rug rats around, the floor needs a lot of cleaning these days.

This morning we started it for the first time and watched the lill sucker move about in its odd patterns. It doesn’t clean logically like a human would, but it still does an acceptable job and eventually gets around before the cycle is over.

I told C: “It may not replace normal vacuum cleaning, but it does take at least 80-90%. So it is a huge help and in the end it’s better than I’d have thought”.

She glanced at it hum around on the floor and replied: “It’s more thorough than you”.

Might not be the most sanitary way to transport meat to/from the market in 30 degrees c.

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